James beat me to it, so I won't quote the construction metaphor again, but it's a really strong paragraph. And it's so hard to untangle our adult selves from these messages, much less know how to communicate them to our kids.

My kids are growing up without any real sense of need. I don't want to impose false scarcity on them just to teach gratitude, and I don't want to send them out into the world wholly reliant on inherited wealth as a fallback plan. But there seem to be some very narrow lanes for pursuing a livelihood without falling into the hustle culture. And the messages I'm hearing most often on LinkedIn and other places about investing in yourself, building a personal brand, etc, are exactly what I want to steer them away from. I don't want my kids to work so they can afford "stuff." But it's really very hard to escape that trap. I'm glad you were able to find your way to integrity and autonomy.

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Thank you Josh. Walking around San Gimingnano in Tuscany today and marveling at the deep history. Generation after generation teaching their children profound lessons that somehow brought us here to our modern existence. Only our own family history and cultural histories will show whether we got it right.

Thanks for the comment and the support my friend.

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Twice in one day.... Tuscany Money...Flaneur money. Got it. Thank you, and thank you Lord.

Time to make the big leap, do the impossible few things., when no one is looking...get paid, work on my Italian, and let the Lord STEER.

THATS the good money. Being brought there.

Sure I do the paddling, but the Holy zGjost is at the helm.

Almost no one believes you at first...

Waiting for them ANY of them to SEE., that was the problem. Eyesight and even great knowledge and experience is not vision

Those impossible financial and creative gosls...selling donuts or writing Fugues... goals requiring more courage than I got... And to be sure to GET PAID....



I'm so very grateful everyone has shared so openly.


and forgive the word salad and poor formatting please.

I needed to ramble and make no sense about this very thing, TODAY Serendipity or God's guidance, whatever it is I too found it only [for me] 25 years ago in AA.


‡ bless all of you.

† God... Whatever THAT is. As YOU SEE it. Peace,


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thanks for the powerful comment!

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“The construction project of our belief systems begins in childhood. We may have many teachers and fellow workers along the way but the foundation is built in our family of origin—the general contractors pouring the beams are our parents and siblings. The footers and columns that get sunk so deep include our beliefs around work and money.”

This is so true and such a beautiful way of putting it. I would say that OUR life begins when WE recognize what beliefs are running the show inside our subconscious, and WE decide which of those beliefs work for us, and which ones don’t. And then the harder work starts after that awareness, when we begin to remodel that belief foundation that was given to us, while at the same time adding new rooms to our house that we consciously choose. So, we’re remodeling and building at the same time. And in my experience that is disorienting, and at the same time majestic. Our life’s work is to stay on that path.

And then if we have kids, a new phase of our work is to support their remodeling process, of the footers and columns we’ve poured into them, that don’t work for who THEY uniquely are and the path they will choose in life.

Thank you for writing such a thought provoking and insightful piece.

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Thank you James for thoughtful comment. So what we’re saying is that we’re all demolition and rehab experts in our adult lives!?

I’ve remodeled a few homes and I can attest it’s way easier than remodeling our belief systems ☺️

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Dee - close - I would say we are all demolition and rehab NOVICES in our adult lives - because, as you say - it's SO hard! But without awareness, we're nowhere ,right? And with it, we are architects - discovering our desired floorplan over time, in this one precious life we're given.

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.. a great revelation.. confession.. declaration .. a ‘fabulation ?.. or just a healthy dose of worthy explanation.. even experienced foundation..

I conflate you with @coleman at times.. here n there & among others.. finding their way.. pilgrims adventurers volunteers.. even victims.. dunno why.. but know I’ve cut both ‘your sign’ many a time.. rivers I’ve crossed.. or balked at even tryin..

My ‘goals’ - these daze is sharing ‘clues.. experienced along the pathways.. & ideally without a shred of ‘help’ from one of ‘the gods above’.. whomever the fuck people may pretend them to be..

Ideally .. some day.. I can Paint a dirt simple.. ‘example’ of ‘Walk In Beauty’.. (which is something worthy to aspire to I figure.. yet have little ‘standing or street cred’ .. much less MONEY.. to get all ‘loud & proud’ about..)

but no quit in me.. mind you.. just scrapin away .. in an ‘aspirational unholy as hell way..

Will be following up re the others you mention.. readin up on their ‘stuff..

thanks for ‘extending & expanding on this stuff.. it’s quite ‘special.. & am ok to claim some ‘standing.. sayin so..

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Thank you Tom!! Carry on sir 💪🏻

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So good man. Thank you for your honesty.

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Well, I get up at seven, yeah

And I go to work at nine

I got no time for livin'

Yes, I'm workin' all the time

It seems to me

I could live my life

A lot better than I think I am

I guess that's why they call me

They call me the workin' man…

'Cause I get home at five o'clock

And I take myself out an ice cold beer

Always seem to be wonderin'

Why there's nothin' goin' down here

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